Oculus Utilities for Unity

| Published 2016-06-30
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Oculus Utilities for Unity 5 1.5.0

This document provides an overview of new features, improvements, and fixes included in the latest version of the Oculus Utilities for Unity 5. For information on first-party changes to Unity VR support for Oculus, see the Unity Release Notes for the appropriate version. You will find an updated scripting reference for the included C# scripts in our Unity Developer Reference .

New Features

  • Added OVR Screenshot and OVR Capture Probe tools, which exports a 360 screenshot of game scenes in cube map format. See OVR Screenshot for more information.
  • Switched to built-in volume indicator on mobile.
  • Exposed OVRManager.vsyncCount to allow half or third-frame rate rendering on mobile.
  • Added bool OVRManager.instance.isPowerSavingActive (Gear VR).

Bug Fixes

  • Repeatedly changing resolution or MSAA level no longer causes slowdown or crashing.
  • Fixed scale of OVRManager.batteryLevel and OVRManager.batteryTemperature.
  • Fixed race condition leading to black screens on Rift in some CPU-heavy cases.
  • Fixed memory bloat due to unpooled buffers when using MSAA.

Known Issues

  • Gear VR developers using Unity 5.3.4 or later, or using Unity 5.4.0b16 and later: Do not set DSP Buffer Size to Best in Audio Manager in the Inspector for now or you will encounter audio distortion. Set it to Good or Default instead.