OVR Metrics Tool

1.2 | Published 2018-09-06
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OVR Metrics Tool 1.2

OVR Metrics Tool provides performance metrics for Oculus mobile applications, including frame rate, heat, GPU and CPU throttling values, and the number of tears and stale frames per second.

In Report Mode, the tool displays a performance report about a VR session after it has concluded. Report data can be easily exported as a CSV with PNG graphs. In Performance HUD Mode, OVR Metrics Tool provides performance graphs over running Oculus applications as a HUD overlay.

OVR Metrics Tool may be used with any Oculus mobile application, including those built with Unity, Unreal, or our native mobile SDK.

For more information, see OVR Metrics Tool in our Mobile SDK Developer Guide.

Version 1.2 includes the following changes:

  • Added Remote Device management over Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Added HUD preview to Options menu.
  • Added ability to automatically take screenshots on dropped frames.
  • Added ability to take screenshots on remote device.
  • Added foveation level and eye buffer resolution to available stats.
  • Removed requirement to set system properties to enable HUD (enabled in future Oculus System Software).