RenderDoc for Oculus

| Published 2021-01-05
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RenderDoc for Oculus v23.2

RenderDoc for Oculus is a fork of RenderDoc maintained by Oculus for use with Oculus Quest. In addition to RenderDoc’s normal graphics debugging capabilities, this version provides access to low-level GPU profiling data from the Oculus Quest's Snapdragon 835 chip, specifically information from its tile renderer. This provides actionable profiling data specific to Quest in a proven graphics debugger.

In addition to RenderDoc's regular frame capture capabilities, RenderDoc for Oculus can perform a tile-level render stage trace for a single frame of an app on a connected evice. It can also perform a drawcall trace that collects up to 45 low-level metrics pertaining to each individual drawcall in the capture.

For information on using the new features in RenderDoc for Oculus, see our guide on the tool.

Release Notes

  • This release integrates version 1.11 of RenderDoc.
  • Includes draw call trace reliability improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the crash when clicking on the Update Available button

Known Issues

  • Known crash when capturing under profiling replay mode. Please capture using normal replay mode and then switch over to profiling replay mode.
  • The draw call trace feature is in an alpha state and has stability issues.
  • There is a small chance that draw call and render stage traces may fail, and a reboot may be required to reattempt.