| Published 2018-06-20
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VR 5K Player

The VR 5k player shows how to create and play a view-dependent version of a 5K x 5K 360 degree stereo video on Oculus mobile VR systems. This software should work on an Oculus Go or Samsung S8 (and later) Gear VR systems.

This download contains the following:


Source for a Gear VR / Go application that plays a 5K .strips video, either from the filesystem or bundled into the .apk. If you have the Android dev tools installed, typing "build" in this directory should build, install, and run it on an attached Oculus Go. For Gear VR, you must generate and add an Oculus Signature File (osig) file as usual.


Source for the Windows processing utility to build .strips files from .mp4 and .opus files. Requires ffmpeg to be installed. See the readme.txt in that directory for instructions.


The necessary files from the Audio 360 rendering SDK.


30 second clip from Henry, used to generate the bundled 5kPlayer/assets/henry5k_clip.strips. Includes a pre-built copy of the videostrip.exe tool.


The remaining files are the minimum subset of the Oculus Mobile SDK necessary to build 5kplayer.

Note: This download was updated on June 20th, 2018 to fix a bug that required a specific path to exist on your local machine before the code would run properly.