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Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing branches of the tech industry, but to reach its full potential, it needs a diverse team of creators. That’s why we started Oculus Launch Pad—a program designed to support promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds as they iterate on their unique ideas and bring them to market.

Each year, this program helps up to 100 professionals grow as emerging leaders in the field. Those selected to participate (subject to verification) receive hardware support and admission to our kickoff Boot Camp event. This event is designed to build and foster your understanding and passion for VR development through hands-on training with industry leaders.

After Boot Camp, all Launch Pad participants will receive three months of VR education and development support to continue their app development process. They’ll join a growing online community of peers with additional coaching from Oculus experts as they evolve their projects into working prototypes. Towards the end of the program, participants will be invited to showcase their creations, learn about next steps as they gear up to launch their applications, and apply for additional Oculus Support.

VR is for everyone, and the best way to grow a vibrant content ecosystem with mass appeal is to engage a wide range of unique perspectives from our development community. This includes women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, veterans, and anyone who is willing to share how their perspective adds to the “diversity of thought” in our community. By investing in developers with unique perspectives, we hope to inspire them to share their voices with the world and bring more exciting content to VR fans everywhere.

Application Process

Applications are open through July 30, 2021


After completing the Launch Pad program, developers will be better equipped to bring their skills and expertise to the VR industry. Additionally, participants will be encouraged to return in following years as mentors for the next wave of diverse VR content creators.

Future Launch Pad Alumni

Launch Pad participants will be challenged to make their dreams a reality. Following a three-day Boot Camp, Oculus will provide feedback, education, and mentorship through Demo Day, an exclusive event and opportunity to showcase your project, share learnings, and engage with fellow Launch Pad members and leaders from the industry. While the formal program concludes at that time, Oculus will continue to offer networking opportunities and support to members of the Launch Pad community.

Additional Support

Oculus may award competitive scholarships in the amount of $5K – $50K USD (up to $250K allocated, total) to the most promising candidates that pursue additional financial support for taking their concepts to the next level. Program participants will be invited to apply for additional funding towards the close of the Launch Pad program.

Judging Criteria

Criteria will be based on three main focuses:

  • Diversity (35%)
  • Technical Ability (35%)
  • Innovation (30%)

To Be Eligible for Funding

Criteria will be based on three main focuses:

  1. Full attendance at the Oculus Launch Pad Boot Camp
  2. Build must include the following:
    • Submission overview
    • Complete upload of file to the Oculus Store
    • Image assets for project
  3. Submission demo must be a minimum of 2 minutes in length

Official Rules and Privacy