Oculus Store - App Submission Guide

One of the essential stages of the VR development process is app submission. This phase consists of the Oculus Store team reviewing your app to ensure that there are no technical issues, but also that the content is designed and developed to meet user expectations.

App submission, and this guide, can be broken down into two core sections: technical review and content review. This guide was built from years of experience analyzing, documenting and providing feedback for VR apps. We are confident that these insights will save you time and resources as you prepare to submit your app.

Oculus for Business (OFB) for business and enterprise apps

If you are developing apps for an enterprise audience, be sure to check out Oculus for Business (OFB). As a part of OFB, The Oculus Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program is designed to engage and support developers who are focused on VR training, simulations, data visualization, or remote collaboration.

The OFB website provides more information on the ISV Program and steps to get started, while the OFB developer documentation also offers a number of helpful resources.

An overview of this app submission guide

This guide will outline the many learnings we’ve gained from reviewing hundreds of VR apps over the past few years. Similar to the submission process itself, the guide is organized by technical review + VRCs, and content review + asset creation. It features best practices, context around certain policies, example watchouts, and many other insights that will help prepare you for app submission.

Technical Review + VRCs: Outlines the many technical aspects of the app review process, providing context around why we review certain elements of your app, steps to fix these issues, and commonly failed Virtual Reality Checks (VRCs).

Content Review + Asset Creation: The content review process includes aspects of your app focused on the end user experience, and ensuring your app resonates with your target audience. In this section we provide common challenges during this process, as well as highlights from the Asset Guidelines.

Do you have feedback or support questions?

If you’re having challenges during the app submission process, feel free to reach out via Support Contact Us page, or ping a fellow developer within the Oculus Dev Forum.