Mixed Reality Capture and Casting Guide

With Mixed Reality Capture (MRC) and casting, you can deliver an even more engaging, powerful spectating experience to those outside of the headset. These features not only add new ways to view your VR app, but dramatically increase reach, user engagement, and potentially sales. See below for an example trailer video using purely Oculus MRC Tools.

Mixed reality is one of the most engaging, accessible ways to convey a play experience in VR to potential players on a flat screen. It communicates the physical experience of playing in VR and makes VR games stand out from flat screen games. It should be seen as essential, particularly if you want to engage with VR content creators and streamers. - AnnMarie Bartholomaeus, Product Manager, Kluge Interactive

The in-headset experience can also be shared with those physically in the same room or through streaming. Elevate the watchability by adding unique, contextual information to improving engagement even further.

This guide will help ensure that you’re aware of the processes and best practices to effectively design your app for MRC and casting, all while delivering the technical knowledge to minimize development time throughout.

Decide whether a customized MRC or casting experience is right for your app

Like any development decision, your app strategy and target audience should inform how you invest in MRC and/or a unique casting experience.

The MRC Design Best Practices, will go into more detail as to design decisions that help drive success with these methods of sharing your app, but first and foremost, you must gauge the importance of user sharing to the success of your app.

Is it important that your audience share information/content about your app on social media? How about sharing with their family and friends while playing your game from within their home? Would added context about the in-headset experience elevate the spectating experience? If the answer to these questions is a resounding YES. Then this guide will help you maximize your ability to share the app with MRC, and casting.

MRC guide overview: Design, development, and video production

This guide focuses on two core aspects of MRC: design and development/production. For MRC design, we will provide numerous best practices and tips for how to best design your app’s UI, environment, locomotion style, avatars, and numerous other ways for you to improve the quality of your MRC assets.

On the technical side of MRC, we share considerations for technical troubleshooting, and integration. We also discuss the importance of performance optimization, and a number of best practices for MRC video production such as lighting, actor selection, and storyboarding.

Check out these Oculus games with MRC enabled

If you’re interested in testing a current Oculus title with MRC already integrated, feel free to check out any of the following titles:

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We hope you find this guide insightful, and that MRC + casting help you to grow your audience, increase engagement, and app sales. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the tooling this guide feel free to reach out to mrcfeedback[at]fb.com, and keep up the great work!

Special thanks to SUPERHOT, Miragesoft, and Kluge Interactive for their input throughout the development of this guide.