Oculus Start - Developer Program

Oculus Start is a program created for Rift and Quest developers who have either launched a VR application - or are close to releasing a VR application. It provides qualifying developers with access to hardware, developer support, a community of like-minded VR developers as well as software related savings so you can focus on what's really important - creating inspired VR applications.

An uploaded app submission is a requirement for acceptance into Oclus Start. If you have already published a VR application, include the link to it in the build URL field of the application. If you are submitting with a new application for Rift, please use the alpha channel in your developer org for your submission for consideration. If you are submitting a Quest Application (only possible via App Lab), please see the blog post Introducing App Lab before submitting. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the App Lab developer FAQ first.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey as a VR developer.


A direct path to early tech and networking opportunities get you going faster, first. Benefits may include:

Get developer kits for new and existing hardware.

Receive access to beta tools and services.

Gain new knowledge and bond with fellow developers at industry events like Oculus Connect.


Oculus experts will help you troubleshoot and elevate your VR creations. Benefits may include:

Receive dedicated technical support.

Meet 1:1 with our veteran VR team at local events.

Connect with the community of VR developers to share your development experiences.


Oculus partnerships and network benefits will help offset development costs. Benefits may include:

Receive one year free Unity Plus license or a royalty free Unreal license.*

Get to know the Oculus Store better with Oculus wallet credits.

Discover the right track for your team

Oculus Start provides two tracks to help developers at different stages of development and growth. You will be assigned to a track based on our evaluation of your submitted application.

Start Track

For new VR developers early in development working on launching a commercial title

Growth Track

For veteran developers with experience shipping VR titles who are looking to maximize their growth

Apply to be an Oculus Start member.

As you continue your VR development journey, let us help you along the way.

Oculus Start Terms and Privacy Policy

Unity Plus: Receiving Unity Plus license is limited to those participants with $200,000 USD or less (or foreign equivalent) of gross revenue or funds raised in the most recently-completed fiscal year (determination is subject to Unity in its sole discretion).Unreal: Unreal license is available to participants with up to $5 million USD (or foreign equivalent) in annual gross revenue.