Oculus Platform Solutions

Leverage our comprehensive set of tools and resources to create engaging, social, and immersive VR applications. These solutions can be used as individual components, but deliver the most value when implemented together.

The following is a comprehensive list of Oculus solutions. Each link to their respective documentation to begin development.


Create Achievements such as trophies, badges, or awards, and integrate them in your application using our SDK and server-to-server calls. Reward users for their in-game Achievements with Custom Items they can display in their Oculus Home.

App Deeplinking

Leverage our App Deeplinking API to launch users directly into an Event, gameplay mode, or In-App Content such as a video, photo set, or standalone experience.


The Oculus Audio SDK provides provides tools, sample audio files and documentation to help you incorporate high-quality audio into your virtual reality apps and experiences.


With the cross-platform Oculus Avatar SDK you can deliver true social presence in your application and give users the freedom to express themselves in the aesthetic of their choice.

Cloud Storage

Seamlessly save, synchronize, and load data between devices and installs using our Cloud Storage service.

Commerce (IAP)

Create and sell durable, single-use items and consumable goods that can be purchased multiple times by people in your application.

Coordinated App Launch (CAL)

Allow users make their VR experience a social one by launching your app together from Oculus Home.

Custom Items

Reward users for their in-game Achievements with Custom Items they can display in their Oculus Home.

Downloadable Content & Language Packs for Rift Apps

Enable new experiences, characters, levels, and languages for your Rift applications without increasing the initial download size.

Downloadable Content & Expansion Files for Mobile Apps

Enable new experience, characters and levels for your mobile applications without increasing initial download size.


Create Events such as viewing parties and gaming tournaments. Promote them in Oculus Home and Explore by implementing the App Deeplinking API.

Friending from Apps

Give people the ability to send friend requests to other people within your mobile applications.

In-App Content

Create self-contained content in your application, such as a video, photo set, or standalone experience, and integrate with the App Deeplinking API to launch users directly into the content.


Create global Leaderboards to encourage competition and increase engagement.


Accommodate Livestreaming through the Oculus Platform and a variety of SDK methods so people can share their VR experience with their Facebook network.


Create Notifications with a REST API call and send to targeted audiences to interact with people outside of your application.


Enable Parties so that people can voice chat about their game play with friends in Oculus Home.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Integrate Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networking in your apps to connect users and allow them to exchange data directly for chat or real-time updates.


Add matchmaking to your apps so that users can have a shared playing experience.

User Identity

Retrieve information about each person's unique persona in your application to customize their experience, help them find friends, and personalize their encounters in VR.

User Verification

Enable this client-provided nonce to verify that the Oculus ID provided by the client is valid for the user providing it.

Voice Chat (VoIP)

Add voice chat to your apps. The VoIP service transmits pulse-code modulation (PCM) data between users that is decoded to audio, enabling peer-to-peer voice chat.