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The Oculus Platform SDK contains features that you can use to create engaging and social VR experiences.

Built-In Hooks

The Oculus Platform SDK features provide a way to connect people in VR and provide them with more engaging VR experiences and opportunities to invest in and even share your app.

They can be used as individual components, but are best implemented together.


Surface opportunities for people to connect with others and engage with your experience at the system level.


Allow users to discover, subscribe to and attend scheduled VR experiences.


Providing ways for people to meet in VR, coordinate, and play together in your apps.

Coordinated app launch (CAL)

Allows users to form groups and launch your social app together from Oculus Home.


Virtual places where users come together to interact in your app.


Match users together based on criteria that you define and place them in a social gameplay session.


Getting the most social value out of your app experience.

P2P Networking

Establish a connection and exchange data between users.

Voice Chat (VoIP)

Allows users to talk to each other in your app.


An out-of-the-box avatars package.


The ways that people define themselves in VR and invest in their online representation.

Core identity

User verification and Friends.

Commerce (In-App Purchases)

Allows users to purchase items in your app.


Create trophies, badges, awards, and more to challenge your users to reach a goal or objective. Users can see what achievements their friends have earned.


Allows you to rank performance and drive competition among your users.


Providing ways for fans of your app to share it with friends, even beyond VR.


Allows users to broadcast their VR experiences to Facebook.

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