Oculus Platform Abuse Policy

We encourage developers to create a variety of virtual reality experiences that users will enjoy. This is why we allow Developer Mode to be enabled on Oculus Go and Quest — to allow developers to run, debug, and test their apps.

Developer Mode is not intended for piracy. Our Terms of Service prohibit accessing or using our services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, including violating any rights of Oculus, our users, or any third party. Our Code of Conduct likewise forbids users from encouraging or promoting illegal activity. We may also employ dedicated teams and develop advanced technical systems to detect misuse, and we reserve the right to take appropriate action in accordance with our Terms of Service, including removing content, blocking access to certain features, disabling an account, or contacting law enforcement.

The Oculus Platform Abuse Policy below explains the types of activities that violate our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct and the actions we may take in response to any violations.

References to “you” in this Policy mean you, your organization and any individuals in your organization that use Developer Mode.

Policy Against Abuse

We consider it an abuse of Developer Mode, and a violation of our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct, to do any of the following in connection with Developer Mode:

  • Upload, distribute, or sideload any of the following:
    • Content that appears to be infringing, copied, or pirated; or
    • Content that contains malicious code; or mods of any app available on or through the Oculus Platform, if those mods appear to infringe on any intellectual property rights, introduce malicious code, give players an unfair advantage, or are otherwise unapproved.
  • Use software or other tools to extract assets or content (e.g., videos, music, etc.).
  • Violate other provisions of the Oculus Terms of Service or Code of Conduct, or any other Oculus terms, policies or guidelines, or otherwise misuse the Oculus Platform.

If it appears that you have engaged in any such misuse, then we may do any or all of the following:

  • Warn you that your conduct has violated our policies.
  • Limit, suspend, or terminate your access to certain Oculus Platform features.
  • Limit, suspend, or terminate your access to Developer Mode.
  • Limit, suspend, or terminate your Oculus user account.
  • Ban you from creating another Oculus account.
  • Refer you to law enforcement.

We may take any or all of these actions based on our assessment of the activity, with or without prior notice, preliminary warnings, or other lesser responses, in our sole discretion on a case-by-case basis, as we deem appropriate. We may also take any other approach to the enforcement of our policy that we deem appropriate. This Policy does not limit any other rights or remedies available to us.

What Happens When Your Account is Limited, Suspended, or Terminated?

We want to protect our developer community and our end users. If we limit, suspend or terminate your access to any Oculus Platform features, or your access to Developer Mode, or your Oculus user account, please be aware of the following information.

  • If your access to any features of the Oculus Platform has been limited, you will be unable to use those features until further notice. You must not attempt to circumvent those limits.
  • If your access to Developer Mode is suspended or terminated, you will not be able to sideload content.
  • If your user account is suspended or terminated, you will not be able to access any apps or content associated with your user account, including purchased content, or otherwise use your Oculus device with the suspended or terminated account. You will not be entitled to any refund for those apps or content, except to the extent required by applicable law. Unless you have been banned from creating another Oculus account, you will be able to create a new user account to continue using your device in accordance with our terms.
  • We may subsequently conduct a review to determine the nature and seriousness of your violation, although we are not obligated to do so. If we determine in our sole discretion that your violation is serious, including in cases where you have uploaded pirated or infringing content, or content that contains malicious code, then we may permanently terminate your access to Developer Mode, or your Oculus user account, or both — and ban you from creating another account — and take any other enforcement actions that we deem appropriate.

How to Appeal a Decision

If you think we made a mistake in taking any action described in this Policy, you may appeal our decision by contacting us here. Please describe the action we took against you and the reason for your appeal. Please note, however, that we have no obligation to consider any appeal, or provide any further explanation or other notice in connection with any appeal.