Oculus Quest

Introducing our first standalone, all-in-one, 6DOF headset.

Coming Spring 2019!

Since Oculus Quest is a 6DOF VR headset with Oculus Touch, you can prototype and build games on Oculus Rift and expect to easily port to Oculus Quest when full documentation launches in 2019.


Oculus Quest brings immersive experiences to a whole new audience of VR gamers.

Oculus Insight Tracking

The inside-out tracking system enables outward facing sensor architecture to capture, trace, and navigate physical spaces, delivering a greater sense of immersion, presence, and mobility in VR.

Touch Controllers

Intuitive and natural hand presence, and everything else you already know when it comes to developing for positionally-tracked, Oculus Touch controllers on Rift.


Next-gen lenses with reduced glare and a wider field of view, and integrated audio with no need for headphones, delivers a fully immersive gaming experience with no setup or PC required.