Oculus Rift S

Powered by an Oculus Ready PC, Rift S delivers unparalleled immersion into virtual reality experiences created by our developer community.


  • Oculus Insight for Precise Roomscale Tracking is a state-of-the-art inside-out tracking technology. On Rift S, this innovative system features five sensors to maximize tracking volume and support of the existing Rift library.

  • Oculus Touch controllers redesigned for inside-out-tracking, bring familiar hand presence and inputs into VR.

  • With Passthrough+, Rift S owners can get a glimpse of what’s happening around them without taking off the headset. Passthrough+ utilizes core Oculus runtime advancements, including ASW, to produce a comfortable experience.

  • Improved optics and display technology deliver a sharper picture, with higher pixel density for an even more immersive gaming experience.

Getting Started

Flexible Development Integrations and SDKs

The same SDKs and documentation you’ve been using to develop for Rift will work with Rift S. Get started with our native PC SDK, Unreal or Unity integrations. Explore sample demos tailored for artists, game designers, software developers, and integration engineers. Dive in with our step-by-step setup guides, sample scenes and tutorials for optimizing VR performance, haptics for Touch controllers, and more.

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Powerful Multi-Player and Social Solutions

Create dynamic multi-player and social experiences with the Oculus Platform SDK. Easily take advantage of our built-in solutions, including VoIP and P2P support, matchmaking, friends list, and Rooms. Boost engagement with leaderboards, achievements, and in-app purchases.

Platform Solutions for Unity

Platform Solutions for Unreal

Platform Solutions for Native

High-End 3D Audio Resources

Optimized for peak performance, the Oculus Audio SDK integrates with Unity and Unreal, in addition to offering plugins for FMOD, Wwise, and Digital Audio Workstations. Create the most compelling and persuasive VR experiences possible with the help of our VR audio resources, including drop-in plugins to provide simple HRTF and room-modeling spatialization, plus guides on sound design, mixing scenes, distance modeling, and more.

Audio for Unity Apps

Audio for Unreal Apps

Audio for Native Apps

Performance and Submission Tools

Oculus Debug Tool

The Oculus Debug Tool (IDT) enables you to view performance or debugging information within your game or experience.

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Virtual Reality Check (VRC) Validator

The Virtual Reality Check (VRC) Validator utility runs automated tests to determine if your mobile app is ready for Oculus Store technical review. The VRC Validator can reveal shortcomings that need to be addressed before your app can pass the Oculus Store review process.

Get the VRC Validator

Additional Tooling and Optimization Guides

Our robust documentation for optimizing the performance of VR application includes performance guides and tooling like: the Lost Frame Capture Tool, Performance Profiler, Performance Heads-Up Display (HUD), Performance Indicator, and Composite Mirror.


The Oculus Store is at the leading edge of innovation in content discovery. Taking advantage of the uniquely immersive environment made possible by VR, we provide our customers with a delightful browsing and shopping environment that showcases your work in ways never before imagined by digital storefronts.

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