As a registered developer, you can obtain Oculus support throughout your build process by selecting one of the topics below.

Submission Questions

Get answers to questions about the Oculus app guidelines, review processes and placement options in the store.

Prepare Your App for the Oculus Store

This guide outlines minimum requirements to be considered for publication in the Oculus Store.

Review Process

Our review process consists of two parts: Technical review and Content review. This guide discusses the process and expectations.

Submission Process

The process for releasing your app to the general public begins by submitting your final build to us for review.

Distribution Options

The Oculus Store is a curated showcase of the best efforts of the development community. This guide discusses the options for publishing your app including through the Oculus Store..

Technical Questions

Registered developers who have submitted an app to Oculus can get code-level technical support. If you have questions before this step, check out the content below.


We offer three tools to improve your submission efficiencies including: Oculus Signature File Generator, Command Line Utility and Submission Validator.


Find our latest SDKs, engine integrations and other resources necessary for building VR experiences.

Platform Features

The Oculus Platform is designed to provide you with the infrastructure you need so you can focus on creating a great game or experience.


We’ve created the Oculus Utilities Unity Package to assist with all your VR development needs, including assets, scripts, and sample scenes.


The Unreal Developer Guide is designed to get you started creating great VR experiences using Epic’s integrated VR support.

Self-Help Resources

Best Practices

These methods help provide high-quality results and are especially important when working with an emerging medium like VR.


Ask questions, view answers, and connect with a community of Oculus developers.


Stay up-to-date on all the developer news from Oculus.


View insights from developers, thought-leader VR talks, product tutorials and other great content on our YouTube channel.

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