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Just getting started in VR? We’ve assembled a collection of resources to help you design and launch your Unity app.

Fast and Versatile Development with Unity

Develop for Oculus Go, Gear VR or Oculus Rift using Unity's built in support whether you're a beginner or advanced developer.

Unity Integration

We've created the Oculus Unity Integration to assist with all your VR development needs, including assets, scripts, and sample scenes.

  • OVRManager: an interface for controlling VR camera behavior
  • OVRPlayerController: a VR first-person control prefab
  • OVRInput: a unified API for Xbox controllers, Oculus Touch, and Oculus Remote
  • OVRHaptics: an API for Oculus Touch haptic feedback
  • OVRScreenshot: a tool for taking cubemap screenshots of Unity applications
  • Adaptive Resolution: automatically scales down resolution as GPU exceeds 85% utilization
  • Basic sample scenes

Oculus Unity Sample Framework

Learn to produce reliable, comfortable experiences and avoid common mistakes. Available as a Unity project, and has binaries for Rift, Oculus Go and Gear VR.

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