Get started developing Oculus apps with Unreal Engine

With full Oculus support, Unreal Engine will help you design and build your next immersive app with its flexible scripting system and powerful rendering pipeline. Developed and managed by Epic Games, this 3D game engine enables you to build high fidelity apps and games with minimal configuration.

The patented Blueprints visual scripting system delivers the full power of the engine with minimal programming experience, while Unreal Engine is also designed to integrate with Visual Studio for improved developer efficiency.

Whether you’re new to programming and real time renderers, or a seasoned dev that knows their way around C++, we provide the content, tools, and developer features for you to get started.

Use the Oculus Integration for Unreal Engine to build your next VR App

With the Oculus Integration Package, we offer full support for Unreal’s flexible Blueprints system, including a suite of Oculus Blueprints to streamline your VR development process. The integration also helps you enable a more robust, connected VR experience with Oculus Platform tools and features like the Oculus audio spatializer, VoIP, matchmaking, Oculus Avatars and more.

Seamless integration with Unreal Blueprints

Leverage the Oculus Library of Blueprint nodes to optimize your development process. This includes access to key Oculus features, VR-specific functionality, and project + performance settings. Start with our Unreal Blueprints Reference Documentation for more information.

Comprehensive Unreal Engine support for Oculus Hardware

Get started building Oculus apps with Unreal Engine, which automatically applies stereoscopic rendering to the main camera while providing low-latency head tracking for Oculus Quest and Rift.

Platform features that maximize the potential of your app

Enable social engagement and connect users with built-in features like VoIP and P2P support, matchmaking, friends list, and leaderboards.

See the Platform Solutions page for an outline of all the available tools and features.

Familiar with Unreal Engine and ready to get started developing for VR?

If you have experience with Unreal and the Blueprints visual programming system, we have the resources to help you get started with the Oculus tools, features and documentation. See below for a snapshot of these resources, while the Oculus + Unreal forum is also a great place to engage with the larger community.

Looking to learn the basics of Unreal Engine?

If you’re just getting started with this real time renderer, Epic Games provides an extensive library of videos, docs, and other learning resources. See below for a few of these beginner tutorials, as we recommend a foundational understanding of the engine before you start building immersive realities.

Video resources for getting started with Unreal Engine + Oculus

In this insightful presentation, we provide a number of recommendations and best practices for minimizing iteration time with Unreal Engine, along with recently released developer features and samples to help you build your next Oculus App with UE4.

With this series of best practices and considerations for optimizing your app, we show you how to configure, build, deploy, debug, and profile your UE4 project for the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms.

Connect and grow your audience through those developer features focused on social engagement. This talk also provides a detailed look at Avatars 2.0, and how it will help you drive new levels of immersion and social connection.