Immersive experiences powered by the web

Use existing web technologies to create interactive VR experiences that can be enjoyed across multiple platforms. Content built with the new WebVR standard delivers an immersive experience in VR and is also compatible with all modern web browsers on PC and mobile.

Easy creation

By leveraging existing and familiar web libraries, any JavaScript developer can build compelling VR content without the need for native app development or game engine experience.

Massive audience

With WebVR, developers can reach a huge potential audience of over three billion web users. By giving those who haven't experienced VR a preview of what they're missing, WebVR content can accelerate the adoption of VR for people everywhere.

Cross-platform interactions

WebVR experiences are easily accessed and shared. Requiring no downloads or installs, any user can instantly engage with your content across devices and form factors.

Get Started

Here are a collection of demos and resources highlighting some of the possibilities enabled by WebVR.

React VR library

React is an open source library used by many developers today to power major websites and mobile apps. React VR by Oculus will allow any web developer to quickly and easily create compelling VR content. Pre-release now available.

"Carmel" VR Browser

We're delivering the best way to discover, enjoy, and share WebVR content without ever taking off your headset. The "Carmel" VR Browser is optimized for performance, designed for navigation & input in VR, and tightly integrated with Oculus Home. Developer preview now available.