Android System Properties

Use Android System Properties to set various device configuration options for testing and debugging.

Use Android System properties to set device configuration options. Local Preferences are being deprecated and should no longer be used for setting debug options.

System Properties

Note: System Properties reset when the device reboots. All commands are case sensitive.

Basic Usage

Set value:

adb shell setprop <name> <value>


adb shell setprop debug.oculus.frontbuffer 0

Result: Disables front buffer rendering.

Get current value:

adb shell getprop <name>


adb shell getprop debug.oculus.gpuLevel

Result: Returns currently-configured GPU Level, e.g., 1.

Get all current values:

adb shell getprop | fgrep "debug.oculus"

Result: Returns all System Preferences settings on the device.

System PropertyValuesFunction


0, 1

Enables support for Oculus Remote Monitor to connect to the application.


0, 1, 2, 3

Changes the fixed CPU level.


0, 1, 2, 3

Changes the fixed GPU level.


0, 1

Set to 0 to disable Asynchronous TimeWarp/enable Synchronous TimeWarp. Default is 1 (ATW is enabled).

debug.oculus.frontbuffer0, 1Disable/enable front buffer.


0, 1, 2

Turns on GPU timings in logcat (off by default due to instability). A setting of 2 is necessary on phones using the Mali GPU.

debug.oculus.simulateUndock-1, 0, 1, …, 10Simulate an undocking event after the specified number of seconds.


0, 1

When enabled, each enterVrMode generates a new mp4 file in /sdcard/oculus/VideoShots/. Videos are full resolution, undistorted, single-eye, with full-compositing support. Defaults are 1024 resolution at 5 Mb/s.

debug.oculus.phoneSensors0, 1Set to 0 to disable limited orientation tracking provided by phone sensors while in Developer Mode (enabled by default).
debug.oculus.textureWidth1-maxSet the default VrApi texture width (default = 1024). Allows resetting apps to different resolutions for testing without repackaging.
debug.oculus.textureHeight1-maxSet the default VrApi texture height (default = 1024). Allows resetting apps to different resolutions for testing without repackaging.