Migrating to SDK 1.17

Migrating from SDK 1.16.x to SDK 1.17

This release introduces a breaking API change. Please see Working with HMD Eye Poses for more information.

  • Promoted data member HmdToEyeOffset, which was previously found in the structs ovrEyeRenderDesc and ovrViewScaleDesc, from ovrVector3f to ovrPosef and renamed the data member to HmdToEyePose in both occurrences.
  • While this API change does not affect VR apps compiled against PC-SDK versions prior to 1.17, VR apps that are upgraded to 1.17 or later will need to update any usages of HmdToEyeOffset accordingly. HmdToEyePose is used in the following functions:
    • ovr_GetRenderDesc
    • ovr_SubmitFrame
    • ovr_GetEyePoses
    • ovr_CalcEyePoses