1.3 Unity Sample Framework

This version of the Oculus Sample Framework for Unity 5 is for use with our Utilities for Unity version 1.3 and compatible Unity versions, and supports the Oculus Rift CV1 runtime. Please check Compatibility and Version Requirements for up-to-date Unity version recommendations.

The Oculus Unity Sample Framework assists developers in implementing Unity applications by providing sample scenes and guidelines for common VR-specific features such as crosshairs, driving, and first-person movement. The Sample Framework can guide developers in producing reliable, comfortable applications and avoiding common mistakes.

The Oculus Unity Sample Framework consists of a Unity project as well as application binaries for playing the sample scenes in VR. Sample scenes are navigated and controlled in-app with a simple UI, which also provides explanatory notes.

This download includes a Unity Project of the Sample Framework. VR applications of the Sample Framework are also available for the Oculus Rift/DK2 from our Downloads page, and for the Samsung Gear VR from the Gallery Apps section of the Oculus Store.

For complete instructions on downloading and using the Sample Framework, see Unity Sample Framework in our developer documentation.