Oculus Unreal Engine 4 Integration 1.10 Release Notes


These release notes describe changes to Oculus's Unreal Engine 4.12, 4.13, and 4.14 available from the Oculus GitHub repository.

New Features

  • Added experimental multi-view support for mobile development, which reduces CPU overhead by duplicating objects to both eye buffers during rendering. Currently supports Note5, S6, S7, and S7 Edge phones running Android M or N and using ARM Exynos processors. Requires OpenGL ES 2. For more information, see Multi-View in Unreal Mobile Development.
  • Added “Browse” matchmaking support in OnlineSessionOculus.
    • Added ability to create a matchmaking room.
    • Added ability to find matchmaking rooms in Browse mode.
    • Added Blueprints to Create and Find matchmaking rooms.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Oculus Blueprints error calling Activate() twice.
  • Fixed crash when Oculus Cloud Saves used when the application is not installed.

Known Issues

  • A significant drop in framerate occurs when UE4 is not in focus in VR preview mode. To avoid this issue, uncheck the Use Less CPU when in Background in Edit > Editor Preferences > General (left sidebar) > Miscellaneous (left sidebar) > Performance.
  • Exclusive Mode issues: Multiple initializations of the DXGISwapChain may cause flickering as the screen switches modes and a black screen when rendering to the Rift with a different GPU from the one the game is using to render the eye buffers.
  • Stereo Layer Depth Ordering: Doesn’t support head-locked layers, only world-locked and tracker-locked.