Oculus Unreal Engine 4 Integration 1.11 Release Notes

These release notes describe changes to Oculus's Unreal Engine 4.13, 4.14, and 4.15 available from the Oculus GitHub repository.


Oculus distributes integrations of the Unreal Engine which include the latest Oculus SDKs to provide up-to-date support for Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

New Features

  • Added GDB debugging support. See “GDB” in unresolvable-reference.xml in Unreal for more information.
  • Added three Blueprint samples, available from our GitHub repository. For more on how to access our repository, see our Developer Guide Introduction.
  • Online Subsystems
    • LeaderboardInterface now allows for querying of just the user's entry by calling ReadLeaderboards() with an array of just the current user id.
    • SessionInterface
      • Added the ability to populate the LocalOwnerId with the current user.
      • DumpSessionState() now dumps out all individual existing named sessions.

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for wire frame representation of objects while using the 11:11:10 LDR format
  • Online Subsystems
    • AchievementInterface: Fixed casting WriteAchievement for Count values for Int64, UInt32, and UInt64.
    • Fixed bug preventing the UE4 Read Leaderboard blueprint node from working with the Oculus OSS.
    • SessionInterface: Fixed a NullPointerException when getting the oculus id from a session
      • Allow for updating the Room Data Store through the UpdateSession(). Will save the UE4 Session Settings into the Room Data Store.
      • Fixed a bug causing TriggerMatchmakingCompleteDelegates to fire too early
      • Session.bHosting now returns if the current user is the host/owner of the session.

Known Issues

  • Adaptive Pixel Density is not currently working and should be disabled. If applications using Adaptive Pixel Density reach 45 Hz, they will remain stuck at that frame rate until relaunched. A fix is planned for the Rift 1.12 runtime release and should not require any application changes.
  • A significant drop in frame rate occurs when UE4 is not in focus in VR preview mode. To avoid this issue, uncheck the Use Less CPU when in Background in Edit > Editor Preferences > General (left sidebar) > Miscellaneous (left sidebar) > Performance.
  • Exclusive Mode issues: Multiple initializations of the DXGISwapChain may cause flickering as the screen switches modes and a black screen when rendering to the Rift with a different GPU from the one the game is using to render the eye buffers.
  • Stereo Layer Depth Ordering: Doesn’t support head-locked layers, only world-locked and tracker-locked.
  • Oculus Blueprints not visible in Level Blueprint in Epic launcher and Epic source versions when Gear VR Plugin is enabled. Workaround for source version: open the file GearVR.uplugin and replace "WhitelistPlatforms" : ["Android"] with "WhitelistPlatforms" : [ "Android", "Win64", "Win32" ]. This does not affect source shipped through the Oculus Unreal GitHub repository.