Oculus Quest Publishing Access

Our focus on quality for the Quest platform has changed how we accept application submissions to publish for the Oculus Quest Store. We're requiring that all Oculus Quest developers provide a concept document for us to review before the developer can access the store submission process and non-public development resources.

We're looking for evidence of quality and probable market success, and alignment to our Oculus Developer Content Guidelines. The concept submission process is a chance for you to show us not only how cool their title will be, but also to explain how it will resonate with the Quest audience.

Titles that pass this early review for Oculus Quest unlock direct support and resources from Oculus to help you make your title as high quality as it can possibly be.

Enterprise Developers

Are you building an application for enterprise clients, not consumers? If so, please send us more information on the industry and use case for the application you are building.

Oculus Quest Publishing FAQs

Q. What is the TL;DR?

A. We have always had a curated approach on our storefronts to ensure that developers are meeting our content policy guidelines and that customers were getting safe and comfortable VR experiences. As a brand-new platform that will be introducing VR to many people for the first time, we want to make sure that new Oculus Quest players find the best types of experiences they expect from a VR title: satisfying depth of play, fidelity, and a presence in VR that utilizes 6DOF + movement.

Q: What is the process to request a developer kit?

A. We've distributed the majority of our dev kits but are on the lookout for exciting experiences and will get in touch with you. Otherwise, like all of our other devices, the consumer version of Oculus Quest can be used for development. All you need is an Oculus Developer Organization to put the device in Developer Mode. From there, you can use our free integration to Unity and Unreal, or code directly against our SDK. Any developer familiar with these tools will immediately feel at home developing for Oculus Quest. When Oculus Quest launches later this year, you'll be able to buy a device from your favorite retailer and start writing code for it immediately.

Q: I have a developer kit or plan to buy one at launch, does this mean I can publish on Quest?

A. No. Our focus on quality for the Quest platform has changed how we accept application submissions to the Oculus Quest Store. We're requiring that all Oculus Quest developers provide a concept document for us to review before the developer can access the store submission process. For developers who received early Quest developer kits, the Oculus team will have been in touch about the status of their applications. If not, they should reach out to their Oculus contact.

Q: I see a lot of developers out there with Quest developer kits or say their games are coming to Quest. Are their games coming to Quest?

A. Not necessarily. We're excited to see the developer enthusiasm out there for Quest, and we're committed to working closely and collaboratively with qualified and approved developers to get their titles to a quality bar that will ultimately serve the player community in VR.

With so much in flux during the development cycle, we can't comment on any specific rumored Quest releases, but we can definitely confirm that if a game is being released to Quest, you'll know about it from both the developer and us.

Q: If I ship an app on Quest, does that mean I can also publish this for Rift?

A: We will absolutely work with you to get your title to as many platforms as it makes sense. We have always been a strong proponent for cross-platform accessibility and connecting player communities. For Quest titles, developers will have the option to open up cross-platform access, and we will work closely with developers to help get their games there.

Q. Will you publish guidelines for what you are looking for?

A: Our Quest publishing guidelines align with our Oculus Developer Content Guidelines. We are looking for high-quality, polished experiences, especially those that demonstrate the deep, surprising, delightful, and moving experiences possible in VR and are custom-made for the untethered immersion Quest offers.

Q: What is the expected response window to my concept submission?

A: We anticipate responding to all submissions within 10 business days, but the timeline may vary due to volume.

Q: When will I know if my app is going to be on Quest?

A: We are aiming to respond to developers within 10 business days once they have submitted their concept, though the timeline may vary due to volume. The purpose of the new Quest application intake process is to ensure all developers have signal from Oculus on their concept early before making a significant production investment. If approved, developers will then unlock resources on the Oculus side to help. Note that even after concept approval developers will still need to submit their final applications for review prior to launch.

Q. Is the Rift store changing?

A. No. A lot of innovation has come from developers on Oculus Rift, and as the most mature VR ecosystem in the market, we still believe that is the best place for developers to experiment and build their portfolio and credibility in 6DOF. We want to ensure that developers publishing experiences to Oculus Quest are set up for success and creating a thriving ecosystem, and this philosophy will help us get there.

Q: Where can I submit my Quest concept for consideration?

A. Click on the "Begin Application Process" button above. From here you will be prompted to read and agree to the Electronic Submission Agreement. You will then be able to submit a 3-slide presentation outlining your Quest application concept, team experience and investment among other pertinent information.

Q: Where can I ask questions prior to submitting my concept?

A. Our Support team is always available to help you with any questions related to your application. Simply post a question to our team in the Contact Us section of the Developer Center.